magic incantations

magic incantations

I. The power over life and death comes from the control of the Death Angel. But there is only one thing that allows him to give orders – a pact with the murderer’s spirit. Bones, human blood, a chalice, a Coptic variant of the ankh cross are needed to summon such a spirit. Here you can go back to the roots of ritual, which is ancient times, when priests, called Terro, used magic to contact the dead. This ritual symbolizes probably the first of the tarot cards – the Magician. With time, sorcerers used the elements of this ritual for their own purposes. In this way, it was transformed.

II. Magician – This is the first tarot card from the Great Arcana. It shows a man standing at the table. His attributes include a wand held in his hand and playing cards lying on the table, a dagger and a cup (sometimes a cup). Apart from the arrangement and meaning of this card in a given arrangement, the Magician symbolizes a secret knowledge, necessary to explore the truths about life, which allow man to go on. The first card of the tarot is also another meaning, namely the pursuit of power. However, one should be careful not to fall into pride.

I. The place where pacts with demons are to be made is the crossroads. What is needed are ingredients used in voodoo, such as yarrow, graveyard sand and black cat bones, and personal photography. All this should be buried at the intersection of four tracks. Demons appear in various forms, most often corresponding to the summoner. A demon summoned by one person may make arrangements with others and then there is no need to perform each ritual individually. When the contract is over and the demon receives his payment, the hellish hounds (black dogs) will appear and drag the old pactor to hell.

You can also summon the demon in a different way. This requires Sigil Azazel, his own blood and a vessel of sulfur. In every circle of Sigil Azazel you have to put candles, then read the exorcism and set the sulfur on fire in a dish. The pact itself is traditional.

II. Among Europeans, the belief in the possibility of concluding a pact with the devil (demon) grew on the basis of a common belief in the Sabbaths celebrated by witches. So, apart from the times when witches burned at the stake, we can find several ways to deal with the devil (demon). One of them tells us to bury a black chicken at a crossroads and read magical incantations from the “Great Book of Sorcerers”. If the devil shows up, the Cyrograph is signed with his own blood. Usually there are two types of pacts: clear and silent. The first one consists in calling a demon independently, or in contact with this demon through his mediator. The second ritual of summoning does not take place, but the person believes that what he does is related to the existence of hell forces. In turn, in “Clavicules” by Solomon we will find other information. First of all, a list of names of demons that are needed to summon them. You should know what you can deal with a particular demon about, because each of them has its own domain. However, in order to recall it, you need a branch of hazel, which plays the role of a magic wand, an ematil stone and two wax candles dedicated to candles. The pact should be made in a separate place. When you do this for the first time, draw a triangle with an ematil and place two candles next to it. At each side of the triangle you should write the names of Christ, because it is a kind of protection. Finally, stand in the middle of the figure and read the incantation. Very often the summoned one does not appear in person, but sends out a mediator. The Cyrograph is signed with his own blood, of course writing his soul to the devil (demon). You can’t break the terms of the contract either, because then you get to hell right away. However, in an extremely different culture, among Afro-Americans, there is a conviction that in order to receive musical talent you have to go to a crossroads at night, to some isolated place. Crossroads appear here as strongly connected with the devil Eshu. Because a crossroads is nothing more than a symbol of it.

I. Necormance ritual, or ritual aimed at reviving the dead. It refers to the ancient, and more specifically Greek, necromancy rite, when such rituals were performed in order to establish contact with the spirits of those who passed away.

II. The word necromancy comes from the Greek necrosis, meaning dead or dead, and from mantheia, or prophecy, or divination. In the former Greece, all ceremonies connected with this were aimed at alleviating the soul in order to obtain answers to the questions raised. The victim had to be sacrificed and then sprinkled with warm blood. If the former was omitted, the deceased remained silent. Necromancy was also popular among Syrians and also much more bloody, because the victim was a small child who was strangled to cut off his head. It played a key role. It was embalmed and salted, and at the end the Syrians put it on a golden tray where the name of the evil spirit was engraved. Candles were placed around it.

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