how to reverse a curse

how to reverse a curse

You want to definitively end a failed relationship in which “something” still holds you back, cut yourself off from your ex-partner or husband, free yourself from someone who has a negative impact on your life, but you don’t know how? Do you need to cut through the returning circle of thoughts and feelings, gain distance to someone, are you looking for a way to fall in love? Or maybe you need purification and a new opening in any relationship in which mutual grievances, negative emotions and projections have accumulated? Or do you want to cut off the umbilical cord and free yourself energetically from family influences, or do you want to do something else? The ritual of cutting off energy is very helpful in all this, as it acts strongly and at the same time confronts us with what still holds us in a given relationship.

In order to start a new one, it is necessary to end what is old – this truth applies particularly strongly to interpersonal relations. Old relationships, important friendships or conflicts still live in us and influence our lives, even if we have the feeling that “none of this is left”. We once gave someone energy, attention, love or negative emotions, we entered into sexual relations, into commitments, into mutual exchange…. and these bonds remain until we consciously cut them off. It is often obvious: we keep thinking about former love, we are tormented by feelings, we can’t accept anything. This situation has completely entangled us in the past and closed us off to new ones. Then it is extremely important to carry out the ritual of cutting off, reading the charm! This is usually very difficult and we often look for every possible excuse not to do it or to postpone it….. Simply, contrary to declarations, we often do not really want to cut ourselves off, but on the contrary – we still want to stop what happened. All the great work that needs to be done before this ritual is to come to terms with the fact that this is the end and let go of the other person in order to free yourself. Then the ritual of cutting off is actually the first step towards freedom. Thanks to him, we gain the necessary distance to see what happened, what was on my side, that is, what this report brought me a lesson. In a word, cutting yourself off allows you to catch some breath, after a persistent gallop of thoughts, feelings and compulsive actions and to see what is important.

Sometimes the symptoms of uncut bonds are more subtle. Usually we don’t think about the old relationship with someone, but when we look at it, we notice how important it was and how much it influenced our present life. We can still unconsciously punish ourselves for something we have done to someone, we can repeat certain relational patterns, or we can still keep in our bodies the wounds that someone once inflicted on us, our self-confidence, blockages, fears and distrust that close our hearts or sexuality.

Personally, I am a supporter of reading charm and magic in all important relationships, from parents, through partners and former lovers, to more important friends and co-workers… Everywhere, where we gave a lot of our energy or where something difficult happened, it is worth to clean up the relationship through appropriate rituals. Important note: we distance ourselves from the past with confidence that if this relationship is good for us, it will continue in a new, cleaner form. I regularly cut off ritualistically from my important friends with whom I do not intend to end my acquaintance, but I want to clear the atmosphere of accumulated emotions, regrets, not serving us bonds or projections. And it works beautifully!

Unfortunately, in the case of people we meet every day or often, destructive relational patterns tend to reproduce themselves. Working with the cut-off I see regularly how old patterns return and how gradually this pleasant sense of emotional lightness disappears. In the case of people who influence us often, it is worth looking at what attracts us to each other and what is what is annoying and tiring thing about them. Always the people we attract to each other are our mirrors and when we assume that what activates us is also a part of us  unnoticed or suppressed negative emotions will pass away and the atmosphere will cleanse itself. Limiting ourselves to the ritual of cutting off, we condemn ourselves to constant repetition of the same story, with different people in the role of mirrors.

The second important thread to consider is when doing so only periodically helps to reach for the roots. The roots are usually our relationships with our parents and first important partners. When bad emotions appear in relations with women, it is worth looking at whether we have experienced anything similar in relations with the mother or other important women in life. Similarly, in relations with men, it appears here as a key role of the father. In fact, it is worth starting the process of cutting off from parents (unless we suffer from some unsuccessful relationship). I often come across the fact that people react to the slogan “cut off from parents” with assurances that they are completely cut off and that nothing in the family patterns holds them back. It is always worth checking it out!

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