how to remove a curse

how to remove a curse

Curses, charms, witchcraft, curses, curses, swearing and predicting the future – this is not an arsenal taken out of a museum of vocabulary or a dusty archive,” writes the editor-in-chief in the introduction to the September edition of the Exorcist Monthly.

How to remedy this phenomenon? How to understand a curse at all? What steps should be taken? First of all, it is necessary to undertake an evangelizing mission and systematically raise religious awareness. Therefore, the main theme of this issue are curses and curses.

Father Andrzej Grefkowicz, an exorcist of the Warsaw Archdiocese, in the article How to overcome the effectiveness of magic? He explains why witchcraft can work and how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from these devilish malice. First of all, if you wish someone evil, it will come first of all to you. Secondly, if someone curses you, you don’t have to be afraid – live up to sanctifying grace, pray, receive the sacraments, read the Holy Scriptures, and you will be protected by the power that flows from the Cross. – We read in the testimony of Margaret. Father Mikhail, an Orthodox clergyman, also encourages the Exorcist Monthly to stay boldly at the Cross – after all, you cannot serve God and the spirit of occultism at the same time.

A curse for man is separation from Christ, because the consequence of such an attitude is eternal condemnation. And the consequence of the blessing is eternal happiness with Jesus. – notes Dorota Mazur in the article Scripture about curses.

Edmund Szaniawski, a long-time exorcist from Licheń, talks about the power of words and words. There are people who, by approaching exorcists, expect immediate help on the basis of a magic wand, without their own effort. Meanwhile, help can come when a man opens himself up, when he enters the path of faith, reconciles himself to God, organizes his inner life, conscience, and a good confession. Only then can the priest’s help be effective. That is why cooperation is important. – explains the priest.

The exorcissistic ministry of St. Vincent Pallotti can be read in the article by Dr. Jadwiga Zięba. The Friar was not only the founder of schools, credit companies, but also a union to fight Satan. He witnessed one particular exorcism – the priest, surrounded by evil spirits, needed help. Another case concerned witchcraft.

Reason and faith, science and the Gospel are two ways of developing human thought and spirit. But there are more and more of those who choose the third way, forbidden by God. It is the way of magic with its whole set of simple recipes and solutions. It hides an insatiable desire to become independent and independent of God, to create history and human destinies. It is as old as the world’s temptation expressed by the snake in paradise: You will be like God (Genesis 3:5),” says Dr. Jerzy Skawroń OCarm.

Is an artist like David Bowie allowed to do anything? Why does a musician ridicule Christianity and mock the Last Supper or the Assumption? Grzegorz Kasjaniuk answers these questions.

In history there was no shortage of outstanding women who could bring two virtues to perfection in their lives: the ability to rule the state and personal Christian perfection. One of them was the little-known St. Pulcheria. Jerzy Adam Świdziński dedicated another sketch from the Portraits of Saints section to her.

Dr Wincenty Łaszewski talks about Madonna of the Andes; Grzegorz Górny writes about the utopian ideas of Simone de Beauvoir; We Talk to Mateusz Środoń, an icon writer; an article by Prof. S. S., a writer of icons. Barra about the case which is according to the Plan; Dr. Roman the Hare exposes Satan as the slanderer of a righteous man; We present a report from the 1st Charismatic Forum in Szczecin under the motto: Jesus defeated, Satan defeated; Paulina speaks about the intervention of the Guardian Angel who saved her life twice.

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