how to do magic spells

how to do magic spells

How to do magic spells?

There are many different success factors for casting spells. You should know that a ritual is made up of many different elements, such as :

– Moon squares, – mental state of the magician, – experience, – appropriate components and tools and selection of the ritual, – personal power, – faith in the magical actions and effects of the ritual, – the will of the Universe.

The Moon Square is the key to casting spells. As we know, there are four phases of the Moon, the rising moon, the full moon and the descending moon.

Each of these phases lasts 7 days. Within 28 days the moon passes through these four phases. In a year we have 13 lunar months.

The best effect can be achieved with full moon enchanting. In other spells, other quadrants of the moon will be more suitable. Selecting the right phase of the moon for casting spells is quite simple.

When new or general, we don’t charm unless we want to use a spell to get rid of something for good.

When the Moon arrives, spells should be cast to contribute to the growth, arrival, e.g., money.

When the Moon is present, it is best to use spells that reduce, remove or slow down the moon.

Each spell has the strongest effect during a full moon.

Every young adept should write down magical spells and rituals in his diary. To carry out the spell, you need to collect all the necessary items, herbs, incense, candles, oil and accessories, such as a wand, dagger, Pentakl.

Materials should emit appropriate vibrations related to the purpose of the spell, therefore, it is important to use appropriate objects and accessories.

Usually, the ingredients of spells are simple and easily accessible. Before performing a ritual, take some time to prepare all the ingredients.

The mental state of a magic adept is a very important factor. During the ritual you need to reach the right state of mind and spirit. There must be no doubt when performing the spell.

For example, when casting a love spell, you should feel love, not hatred.

The person who casts the spell should have knowledge, experience and knowledge of magic.

Each ritual you perform increases your personal power, so your next spell will be stronger. Usually it takes a young magic novice a few attempts before the spell can work.

Personal power and awakened energy is the most important element of every spell and ritual. The mage should practice to strengthen his power. However, visualization and meditation are also important. There are rituals and spells that build up the adept’s inner energy. The greater our inner power, the more powerful the spells we will cast.

You have to believe in the effectiveness of the ritual. As they say, Faith makes Miracles.

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