book of black magic

book of black magic

Book of black magic:

For centuries, they have fascinated those adepts of magic who are brave enough or… Crazy to look into them.

But black books are not easy to find. Many of them – especially those with tips on how to perform black magic rituals – have been effectively destroyed by the Church or closed in the darkest corners of monasteries and private libraries.

This dark book is notorious for its vague origins. It was written in the 1920s by Howard Philip Lovecraft as a continuation of his terrifying horror stories. Although the book is a literary fiction, many people still believe that somewhere in the world there are old, medieval copies of it. Lovecraft itself states that the Necronomicon was written in the 8th century in Damascus by Abdul Alhazdred, an Arab poet, magician and astronomer, and was originally named Al Azif (the Arabic name for the strange night sounds that insects make, and the Arabs attributed them to demons). Then it was translated into Greek (then it was given the name Necronomicon – Book of the Laws of the Dead) and Latin. Apparently, the famous magician John Dee wrote an English version of Necronomicon in the 16th century at the request of Emperor Rudolf II, who was interested in magic and occultism. Some occult researchers claim that Aleister Crowley, who in New York had an affair with Sonia Haft Greene, Lovecraft’s future wife, also had his own copy of Necronomicon. Lovecraft was fascinated by tracking the emanation of evil, which, as he believed, has survived to our times in its unchanged, original form and still surrounds us and acts on us. Occult expert Colin Wilson supposes that Lovecraft possessed an old copy of Necronomicon, but could not disclose all the information contained in it because it belonged to an esoteric sect. The book reveals the secrets of the ancient deities that once ruled the Earth and now wait for the right time to return. One of the Great Ancient Ages is Cthulhu, a deity sleeping at the bottom of the ocean. The book describes various terrifying and dangerous magical rituals: it contains a song to Yog-Sothothothoth, through which one can open the Way to this world, information about “Ibn-Ghazi’s Powder” and the description of “Voorish Sign”. Nowadays, the book is considered to be the main source of knowledge about black magic. Many artists in their works refer to Necronomicon, including writers Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, Andrzej Sapkowski and painter H.R. Giger.

Compendium Maleficarum
Some dark books were written so that people could recognize demons, witches and harmful rituals. Such is the Compendium Maleficarum (Compendium of Witches) written by the monk Francesco Maria Guazzo in 1608 in Milan. Some historians question the authenticity of this book. It describes the ceremonies of invoking Satan, the sexual relations between men and succubus (Satan’s female incarnations) and women and incubes (Satan’s male incarnations), as well as the list of demons. The Compendium Maleficarum became an inspiration for many writers and horror film makers, in which in order to conquer evil or a particular demon, one had to first recognize it, find its description in a magical book and find a way to defeat it.

The Bible of Satan
In 1969, “The Bible of Satan” was published, a book that is still controversial to this day and is on the index of forbidden books. It was written by Anton Szandor LaVey, who founded the Satanic Church in the USA in 1966. The Bible contains nine assumptions of Satanism, which are a reference or parody of the Christian Ten Commandments. LaVeya’s “Bible” consists of four books. Each of them is dedicated to a different element and a different prince of hell: the first Satan and the element of fire, the second Lucifer and the element of air, the third Belial and the element of earth, and the fourth Leviathan and the element of water. LaVey describes when to worship Satan, what rituals to perform and how to conduct a black mass. He divides the rituals into three types: sexual, successful, and destruction and curse-casting rituals. To this day, many of LaVey’s followers are still trying to follow the demonic guidelines he has left for his Church.

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