black magic spells

black magic spells

It has become established that the rituals of black magic include voodoo rituals, Viccan rituals and Egyptian rituals.

In fact, the name “black magic” is a conventional one – after all, the basic condition to call a given action black magic, is the desire to do harm to another person. So, to be honest, a person who orders a simple charm for a particular person, but in order to make someone love him and then reject him, orders a ritual of black magic – he wants to hurt another person, to get back at him. That’s why I don’t like this division into white and black magic. There is only one thing I can agree on – voodoo belongs to black magic, the ritual is to make the other person a slave. If such a ritual is successful, the person who ordered the ritual has a zombie substitute as a partner, doing his every command. Such a relationship has no chance to survive in the long run, and reversing the voodoo ritual is very difficult. Therefore, by buying such a ritual, we do great harm to the other person (does not justify us that we were not fully aware of it). Personally, that is why I do not perform such rituals for any money.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Egyptian and Wiccan rituals, calling them black magic probably came from the aura of mystery that surround them. In addition, hardly anyone in Poland performs them. And they do not incapacitate an enchanted person at all, they are simply to make that person fall in love, but remain themselves. The only differences, between such rituals and charms for a specific person, is that other ingredients are needed to celebrate, and also that they usually bring more efficiency.

Perhaps there are ritualists who perform other black magic – believe in the Bible, Satan and in the celebration of charms, they recall the name of the rulers of hell. Personally I do not know about such cases, but as there are many ritualists now, there may be such a person. He or she probably thinks that he or she will achieve even greater effectiveness, even though in order to perform an effective ritual, it takes the ability to produce a huge amount of energy and direct it in the right direction. This is completely sufficient, although it takes years of practice to acquire this ability. If, however, by some miracle, the ritualist turning to Satan has succeeded in connecting two people, it carries a great risk – including the fact that the couple will be cursed for the rest of their lives. Personally, I keep away from such rituals and it has never crossed my mind to use devilish tools to achieve my goal. For me, the most important thing is that the charms should be safe in relation to the people who ordered them. After carrying out rituals, which can be counted in hundreds, I did not receive any attention that it would have any side effects.

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